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Our chemical production facility is at the heart of our mission. We’ve built up its capabilities around the principals of efficiency, flexibility and quality.

We have expertise in manufacturing, packaging and logistics for chemical products from decades servicing countless industries.

Our technical team have brought to fruition countless innovations from customer ideas to products which have reinvented marketplaces through a wide range of industries and trading levels.

We can help take your products to market covering everything from formulation development, independent testing, shelf ready packaging and logistics.

Whether you service retail markets or heavy industry, we have the experience and capacity to manufacture your products in our modern production facility.

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Every month we produce thousands of specialist chemical products. Here are some of our most popular contract formulations…

Design, print and packaging expertise

Recognising our customers’ growing need for a more streamlined and integrated production process, we established a team of designers, print technicians and packaging experts to complement our adaptable manufacturing capabilities.

We are able to provide a high level of flexibility, expertise and resources to manufacture and deliver your products with the highest quality of packaging, design and development available.

Key Features:

– Packaging experts available for consultation on design and print production.

– The extensive capabilities of our print partners at your disposal.

– Complete range of premium printing options available including digital, and flexo.

– Packaging design and consultation at no extra cost.

– Fully automated and manual packaging and labelling procedures available.

Case Study
Venting Child Resistant Closures

  1. We received an enquiry from a client who wanted to launch a large-volume hypochlorite based product for sale to the general public, where child resistant fastening would be required. The client was having issues finding a supplier who could source a closure that would be safe for the product and approached us to solve their issue.
  2. To find a certified child resistant fastening, suitable for large fill-volume packaging, that could also safely be supplied and transported with a hypochlorite based solution.
  3. Our packaging experts oversaw a project to develop a unique venting child resistant closure specific to our containers and manufacturing process to avoid the 'gassing' effect associated with hypochlorite based products. We worked with the manufacturer to guide the testing through to completion in line with our client's deadlines.
  4. Our hugely flexible production facility made accounting for the specialist closure a breeze, and we were able to fulfil our client's order rapidly.
  5. One happy customer! The client's product now stocks the shelves of some of the biggest home improvement retailers in the U.K., and their success continues to grow with each order.

Brilliant packaging for every product

We understand the importance of great packaging  and have designed our chemical production facilities to accommodate an exhaustive selection of containers.


We keep dozens of packing options in all shapes and sizes, and maintain close relationships with our packaging manufacturers to ensure we’re always able to provide the best option for you.


If you’d like to know more about our packaging options, just get in touch and one of our friendly advisors will be able to guide you through our selection.

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    We’ve worked with Liquid Science for many years and thoroughly recommend their manufacturing services, Their customer service and production teams go above and beyond to ensure our products are made to the highest standards possible.

    Bryan Gates,Sales & Marketing Director, CORGI Controls Ltd.