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Over the years we’ve made significant investments in our aerosol production facilities, to a level where we’re able to manufacture for all market sectors.

Our automated aerosol lines run products for well-known brands which cover global distribution networks and keep the shelves of major British retailers stocked.

Our expertise in aerosol production spans across virtually every market level and we’re always happy to take on fresh challenges and enquiries.

We have thousands of aerosol formulations ready to run, covering disinfectants, surface treatments, cleaners, degreasers, lubrication solutions, paints, air fresheners and many other specialist items.

Our skilled team are always eager to match or develop new formulations, so get in touch and let us know what we can formulate for you.

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Every month we produce thousands of specialist aerosol products. Here are some of our most popular contract formulations…

Quality Assurance

Every aerosol we produce is manufactured in house, in the UK, under an ISO:9001 accredited system. We only buy raw materials from quality assured suppliers and each batch we produce is tested to the highest specification by our technical staff, with batch samples retained for a minimum of 12 months. Your peace of mind is paramount to our operation and we believe in delivering the highest standard of quality to you.

As members of the British Aerosol Manufacturers Association (BAMA) we work to the standards of excellence set out in the BAMA modules for our industry. These promote not only a high criteria of safety for our own staff, but also ensure that all of the containers and valves used for our products are purchased from accredited, quality assured, suppliers.

Get in touch to learn more about our quality assurance procedures.

Case Study
Shrink-On Aerosol Labels

  1. A retail client approached us with new additions to their existing product range, which they wanted to trial through a selection of their stores. However, the client was unable to commit to prohibitive MOQs for litho printed cans to match the rest of their portfolio.
  2. We needed to source a low cost solution to replicate the appearance of litho printed aerosol cans in production volumes of under 6000 units.
  3. We equipped our new manufacturing facility with our unique SASO (Self Adhesive Shrink On) labelling system to deliver the look of litho printed cans without the long lead times and expensive MOQs.
  4. We ran two products for our client using SASO labelling through our rapid fill aerosol line and delivered within our 15 working day maximum lead-time.
  5. Our client was able to launch their new aerosol product into select stores to gauge success before committing to larger orders and a budget for marketing the products more extensively.

Aerosol Packaging Options

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    We’ve worked with Liquid Science for many years and thoroughly recommend their manufacturing services, their customer service and production teams go above and beyond to ensure our products are made to the highest standards possible.

    Bryan Gates,Sales & Marketing Director, CORGI Controls Ltd.