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Sustainable Packaging Solutions For Your Brand


At Liquid Science, we recognize the pivotal role that packaging plays within your industry making your brand stand out from the rest. Not only does it safeguard the quality and integrity of your brand, but it also wields a significant impact on the environment. Our unwavering commitment is to offer a diverse array of pioneering packaging solutions, ones that not only fulfil your requirements but also echo our steadfast dedication to environmental sustainability.

Diverse Packaging Options

When it comes to packaging, there’s no universal fit. We take pride in providing an array of packaging options to address your distinct needs:

Conventional Containers: For standard storage and shipping requirements, we offer an extensive range of conventional containers, including bottles, cans and drums. These options come in various sizes from 50ml to 1000L, plus various materials and colours. 

Trust Our Packaging: With our laboratory perfectly tailoring your formula to your requirements, we have every scenario covered to fit every varying formula. Whether it’s UN packaging required, vented child resistant closures, non-leaching bottles, shrink wrapping; we will have it covered.

Bespoke Packaging: Sometimes your product necessitates a unique packaging solution. Our adept team will collaborate closely with you to conceive and produce custom containers, meticulously aligned with your precise specifications. Whether it’s an unconventional shape or a specialized material, we can cater to all your customised packaging needs.

Private label: Whether it’s printed boxes or printed containers, we offer multiple options. With specialised printing techniques available such as embossing or vanish spotting, and also the additional option to print with gold or silver foiling, we can enhance both your packaging and your brand to convey quality and distinction.

Bulk Packaging: For clients in need of substantial quantities of chemicals, we extend bulk packaging options. This may encompass intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), 200L drums or 25L kegs. Not only does this approach remove the requirement for multiple smaller containers, but it also reduces waste and transportation expenses.

Sustainable Packaging: In harmony with our steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability, we have curated a range of eco-friendly packaging solutions. These encompass biodegradable containers, 100% and 30% recycled materials, smaller containers with improved resistance to chemicals (allowing higher concentration formulas to be filled within them, hence reducing the plastic usage per litre of product) and packaging streamlined plastic packaging; each a testament to our devotion to a greener planet.


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