High Quality Anti-seize and Lubricant



Product description

Zeta: High pressure and high temperature lubricant ideal for construction and automotive industries

Pack Sizes

  • 400ml Aerosol

Product specification

Zeta is a high quality, high temperature, high pressure anti-seize and lubricating compound which lengthens the life of nuts, bolts, screws, hinges and other metal components. The product provides superior lubrication under extreme pressures and temperatures to help prevent pitting, corrosion, seizure and distortion.

Zeta is specifically designed to reduce loss owing to heat distortion and incorrect tolerance. The unique formulation does not harden, separate or evaporate under abnormal conditions, operating flawlessly from -30 °C up to 800 °C.

Strength Typical values:

Breakloose Torque 20-25N.m (tested on M10 mild steel nuts & bolts)
Prevail 30-04.m (tested on M10 mild steel nuts & bolts)
Static Shear 15-20N/mm2

Zeta is ideal for use in the construction industry on bolts, universal joints, pumps and pneumatic hammers or in the automotive industry on heat and pressure gaskets, valve cages, pre-combustion chambers, exhaust fitting, manifolds and brake callipers.

Directions for use:

Shake well before use.
Hold in an upright position and spray 8 inches from surface.
After use invert and spray to clear nozzle.

Features and Benefits

High-temperature, high-pressure anti-seize and lubricant.
Operates from -30 °C up to 800 °C.
Prevents pitting, corrosion, seizure and distortion.


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