High Strength Graffiti Remover



Product description

Supagraff: Thickened solvent for cleaning vandalism

Pack Sizes

  • 400ml Aerosol

Product specification

Supagraff contains a efficient blend of glycol ether solvents and cellulose thickeners specifically formulated to remove graffiti and other vandalism from a wide range of non-porous surfaces. This thickened product adheres to vertical surfaces to reduce the amount of manual effort needed in the cleaning operation.

Supagraff is designed with a low odour and to be completely water soluble for ease of use in any situation. The slow evaporation rate of the formulation combined with the excellent solubility means you have control over the amount of working time required for the cleaning operation. However, the formulation works immediately with no waiting time necessary, and can be wiped away within minutes where short cleaning operations are required, removing ground-in dirt and stains at the same time.

The product will remove inks, lipsticks, crayon, grease, ball-point inks, felt tip, cellulose and non-cellulose paints and is effective on most non-porous surfaces. Supagraff is effective on formica, glass, fibreglass, brickwork, terrazzo and vitreous enamel, along with many other surfaces.

Supagraff is recommended for use in schools, universities, technical colleges, bus depots, railway stations, service stations, local authorities, telephone kiosks, leisure centres, public baths, toilet areas etc.
Care should be exercised on surfaces painted with a flat or semi-gloss paint, some glossing may result.

Directions for use:

Shake aerosol thoroughly before use.
Hold aerosol 20 – 25cm from surface to be cleaned.
Spray thoroughly.
Simply wipe clean with soft, damp cloth or wash away.
Alternatively, spray on to cloth and wipe away offensive marks.

Features and Benefits

Thickened solvent blend for graffiti removal.
Completely water soluble.
Goes to work immediately on a range of hard surfaces.


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