Bitumen Roof & Gutter Repair Spray



Product description

Roof Doctor: Waterproof and resilient formula to mend cracked gutters and roof damage

Pack Sizes

  • 500ml Aerosol

Product specification

Our Bitumen Roof & Gutter Repair Spray is the simple way to repair cracked gutters and roofing surfaces. No need for tools: just shake, spray and let the industrial strength bitumen compound heal any cracks, leaks and other damage instantly. Our formula is hard-wearing and completely waterproof to help protect against future deterioration and will fix and protect larger areas of damage with ease if spray over gauze.

Bitumen Roof & Gutter Repair Spray is built to weather years of wear and will remain pliable after the initial application, providing a completely waterproof and corrosion resistant surface that will last.

The unmatched filling and repairing properties of this product make it the perfect product for sealing any leaking joints that have become loose or cracked due to inclement weather and corrosion, drying rapidly to ensure use isn’t inhibited.

Directions for use:

– Shake vigorously until you hear the ball bearing rattle. Then continue to shake for another minute.
– Spray onto area to be repaired, allowing 30-60 minutes between coats.
– For large cracks or holes, place gauze covering and coat.

Features and Benefits

Instantly repairs cracked roofs and gutters.
Creates a hard-wearing flexible coating.
Crack resistant formulation


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