Product description

Highly concentrated car wash solution

Pack Sizes

  • 5L
  • 25L
  • 210L
  • 1000L

Product specification

Sparkle is a heavy duty, industrial strength, formulation for removing traffic film, grease, sludge and petrol stains from any vehicle. A powerful and concentrated car wash solution designed to cut down on the time required for washing by penetrated deep into the soiling. Sparkle will do the heavy work to lift and remove dirt, silt and many other common soilings with no lathering or buffing required.

A unique waxing ingredient has been built in to the formula to leave a residual finish while the washing operation is being completed, meaning no waiting around during the dry-time.

The product is super economical in use and has been developed with a 50:1 dilution rate with full cleaning power. A small concentration in hot or cold water will blast through all forms of dirt. The product has been tested for use in hard and soft water areas to ensure no loss of cleaning action.

Sparkle is suitable for use in car washing systems in addition to a wide range of professional cleaning operations.

Directions for use:

Simply mix with up to 50 parts water and apply as desired. Consult the machine manufacturers instruction if using professional cleaning machinery.

Features and Benefits

Waxes during the washing operation
Rapidly removes traffic film and other dirt and debris.
Super concentrated! Dilutes down to suit the application.


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