Zinc Galvanising Primer



Product description

Galvon: Zinc galvanising compound for metal surfaces to prevent rusting

Pack Sizes

  • 400ml Aerosol

Product specification

A highly concentrated zinc metal formulation providing a smooth flowing, cold galvanising compound. Protects welds on both bare or previously galvanised metal. Can be used for touching up marked galvanised surfaces. Surfaces treated can be painted after use.
Galvon is a quick-drying, spot-weldable primer coat to prevent corrosion. Use to treat galvanised and untreated steel. The formulation is designed to be stable up to 120 °C and will leave a touch dry finish in 15-30 minutes.

Galvon prevents further rusting when applied to lightly rusted surfaces, but for the most effective results, it should be applied directly to clean, bare metal, from which dirt, loose rust and mill scale have been removed and any grease or oil cleaned away.

Galvon dries to form a flexible, non-cracking coating that permits bending without chipping. Galvanising forms a coating which protects iron and steel against the rusting effects of water. The action of water on zinc forms zinc hydroxide which is insoluble in water, thus forms a secondary protective passive coating.


Shake can well before use.
Spray from 6 inches.
The coating is touch dry after 30 minutes.
After use invert aerosol and spray to clear nozzle.

Features and Benefits

Touch dry finish in just 15-30 minutes.
Quick drying, spot weldable primer coat to prevent corrosion.
Stable up to 120 °C


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