Aerosol De-Icer



Product description

Thor: Fast-acting and efficient vehicle de-icer which helps prevent re-freezing

Pack Sizes

  • 400ml Aerosol

Product specification

Thor is an extremely efficient de-icer designed to rapidly clear frost and to help prevent re-freezing or the residual smearing associated with less effective solutions. Thor is powerful enough for use on all vehicle windscreens, windows, locks etc. The formulation has been carefully designed to ensure no adverse effects on paintwork or plastic or rubber trims.

This highly effective de-icer operates down to minus 20˚C and retains its pressure at extremely low temperatures to ensure you are always able to use the formulation at its full power. The product will not contribute to the freezing effect. The liquid formulation used in the aerosol product is 100% water free active material containing Isopropyl Alcohol and Glycols to dissolve ice as rapidly as possible and leave a residual film to help prevent re-freezing.

Directions for use:

Shake can well before use.
Remove any loose snow.
Spray from 4-6 inches away.
Work from side to side starting at the top of the windscreen downwards.
Allow to work for several seconds, then wipe/scrape away any loose ice.
Repeat as necessary.

Features and Benefits

Operates efficiently at sub-zero temperatures.
Clears frost quickly and efficiently.
Prevents re-freezing.


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