Central Heating System Leak Sealer



Product description

Leak Sealer: Highly effective for minor leaks within central heating systems

Pack Sizes

  • 1L
  • 5L
  • 25L
  • 210L
  • 1000L

Product specification

A highly effective, deep-searching, soft seal forming polymer for use in all types of water circulation central heating systems (except primatic).

Whether the leak is cause be a worn seal, bad jointing or the thawing process following a freeze, small leaks or weeping joints can be easily fixed Central Heating System Leak Sealer.

This product is the perfect solution to deal with minor leaks and seeps through joints, pipes and fittings, which do not justify an urgent repair. Central Heating System Leak Sealer will stop drips at any stage in the system’s flow, and is completely safe to use on metals, plastics and rubbers.

Central Heating System Leak Sealer is ideal for inaccessible leaks and weeping joints which reduce system pressure. Suitable for mixed metal systems, including aluminium. Does not cause blockages in circulator pumps or air vents.
Preventative action is equally as important being prepared with a solution. The central heating system should be cleaned and treated with corrosion inhibitor to the correct level in order to prevent corrosion-related leaks.

Directions for use:

To seal any minor leaks in joints, pipes or fittings add Central Heating System Leak Sealer. For best results, system should be cleaned and flushed in accordance with BS7593:2019 using a suitable acidic or alkaline System Cleanser.
Dose Rate: One litre of Central Heating System Leak Sealer is sufficient to treat a typical domestic central heating system of up to ten radiators. Overdosing does not present a problem.

Dosing Instruction:-

Open Vented systems: dose through the fill and expansion system – sufficient water must be drained from the system to ensure that all of the product enters the circulating part of the system;

Sealed systems: If the system is empty add to any convenient point before filling: if full, dose through any convenient access point.


Features and Benefits

Safe on all metals, plastics and rubbers.
Solves the problem of minor leaks, seeps and drips.
Easy to dose and disperses readily.


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