Press Room Cleaner and Floor Cleaner



Product description

Cyclone PRC: For deep and daily cleaning of press room surfaces

Pack Sizes

  • 5L
  • 25L
  • 210L
  • 1000L

Product specification

Formulated as an all-purpose, solvent-built, water-based cleaner for the printing industry to remove stubborn, press room inks on all washable surfaces even when cured.

The product can be flushed and rinsed with water and performs excellently as a substitute to solvent cleaners for ink fly cleaning where slipping may occur.

Cyclone PRC will clean all washable press room surfaces including walls, floors, stairs, rails, light fittings, seats, vinyl tiles, carpet tiles, perspex guards, windows, doors and many other tools and objects.

Cyclone PRC can be used in high-speed buffers and other machine cleaning equipment to produce a heat-generated shine on floors and other surfaces. Cyclone PRC may be used in many automatic scrubbing and mopping machines.

The super concentrated formula makes Cyclone PRC extremely versatile, offering both heavy duty and daily cleaning possibilities with just one formulation. You can simplify your cleaning and maintenance schedule with this one highly adaptable formula!

Cyclone PRC is specially formulated to effectively remove stubborn solvent based press room inks, even when cured. The solution is entirely water soluble and can be flushed or rinsed with water for remove after application, and yet the powerful formula will remove even the most stubborn of solvent based inks.

Features and Benefits

The ideal general purpose press room cleaner.
Powerful but safe water-based formulation.
Excellent substitute for solvent cleaners in ink fly cleaning.


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