BBQ & Stove Spray Paint (Black)



Product description

3-in-1 heat resistant black spray paint

Pack Sizes

  • 400ml Aerosol

Product specification

Our BBQ & Stove Spray Paint is designed to rejuvenate, protect, and revitalise your barbecue and stove, ensuring a durable and stylish finish that withstands the rigors of heat, weather, and regular use. Whether you’re looking to refresh the appearance of your cooking equipment or provide a layer of defense against the elements, this spray paint is your ideal solution.

Features and Benefits

Heat Resistance: Our BBQ & Stove Spray Paint is engineered to withstand high temperatures, ensuring it remains resilient even in the intense heat generated by barbecues and stoves during cooking.

Durable Protection: Achieve a long-lasting, chip-resistant finish that guards against peeling and fading, providing your barbecue and stove with lasting protection against wear and tear.

Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for a variety of surfaces, including BBQs, stoves, fire pits, chimineas, fire grates and fire screens.

Easy Application: Providing effortless application with brilliant coverage, our BBQ & Stove Paint is a 3-in-1 product acting as a primer, undercoat and topcoat.

Weather Resistance: Our spray paint forms a robust barrier against the elements, protecting your outdoor cooking equipment from rust and corrosion.

Directions for Use:

Ensure the radiator surface is clean, dry, and free from dust, grease and grime.

Shake the can vigorously for at least two minutes to ensure proper mixing of the paint.

Hold approximately 10-12 inches away from the radiator surface and apply.

For complete coverage, 2-3 even coats are recommended.



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