Air Con Sanitiser



Product description

To clean and purify your vehicle’s air conditioning system with added fragrance

Pack Sizes

  • 400ml Aerosol

Product Specification

Our Air Con Sanitiser is a specially formulated solution designed to enhance the air quality in your vehicle by eliminating bacteria, and unpleasant odours from your car’s air conditioning system. This product ensures a fresh and clean environment for the daily commute whilst also being enriched with your chosen fragrance.

Features and Benefits

Air Purification on the Go: Our Air Conditioning Sanitiser is your essential companion for maintaining a clean and healthy car interior. It effectively rids your air conditioning system of mould, bacteria, and airborne contaminants that may accumulate within.

Fragrance Infusion: Customise our Air Con Sanitiser with your chosen scent to provide a both a clean and fragrant journey. 

Enhanced Air Quality: By eliminating allergens, pollutants, and unwanted odours, our sanitiser contributes to improved in-car air quality. 

Effortless Application: The convenient aerosol format makes application easy. It ensures the even distribution of both sanitiser and fragrance throughout the vehicle’s air conditioning system.

Long-Lasting Freshness: The fragrance lasts, ensuring the car interior smells better for longer.

Directions for use:

Ensure all windows are closed.
Start the engine and let it idle.
Adjust the air conditioning settings to a low temperature, recirculation mode, and the highest fan speed available.
Position the aerosol can upright, as low as possible, and away from areas where it could obstruct the vertical aerosol spray, such as the rear footwell.
Press the aerosol button and promptly exit the vehicle, closing the door.
Allow the aerosol can to fully discharge, approximately 60-90 seconds.
Let the air conditioning unit continue to operate for a minimum of ten minutes before re-entering the vehicle and turning off the engine.
Open the doors and allow any residual product fumes to dissipate, typically within 30-60 minutes.

Smoking should be avoided for a minimum of two hours after use of this product.



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