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Meet the Team: Chris Housby

Chris Housby | IT Systems Manager

Job Role & Responsibilities:

As a Systems Manager, I have a variety of tasks that involve data management, coding, problem solving, spreadsheet development, data analysis (mainly report development) and automation. My goal is to make information flow more efficiently and effectively, using systems that combine human intuition with logic as a guide. However, logic and ideal situations are not always realistic, so I face many challenges in my role! I also aid my colleagues with computer related issues.

Before Liquid Science:

My academic background is in IT, which I studied at university. I also have some experience in retail, where I started as a shelf-stacker and worked my way up to management. However, I didn’t find retail very fulfilling, and the shift work was not suitable for me. That’s why I decided to pursue a career at Liquid Science.


Music is a great way to focus or relax, depending on the mood. I enjoy listening to different genres and artists, depending on what I need.

Video games used to be a big part of my life, but since I became a father of twins (now toddlers), I have less time and energy for them! I prefer spending quality time with my wife in the evenings, and maybe watching a movie or documentary together.

Why did you join Liquid Science?

My journey at Liquid Science began as a temporary job, but it quickly turned into a career path. I progressed through various roles, from despatch to production line supervision, and then to manufacturing. As a production line supervisor, I devised a simple schedule to help me organise the tasks better. When Liquid Science was bought by another company, the business solutions manager at the time saw my schedule and I was invited to improve systems.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Liquid Science?

Liquid Science is constantly evolving its model to keep up with the changing world, and so are its systems. I love the challenge of solving unfamiliar problems that arise from this dynamic environment.

What’s your most hated household chore?

Cleaning the bathrooms is a tedious and exhausting chore! It requires a lot of time and effort just to achieve a satisfactory result. I feel drained just by thinking about it! However, working for a chemical manufacturer has given me some advantages – I now know which products are most effective and safe for cleaning different surfaces and stains.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

Having Bernard’s watch and pausing the world for an hour or two a day would be especially useful.

I’m currently watching…

‘Thatcher’, but I usually watch YouTube videos. I’m curious about the political and economic systems of the USA.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself?

My teenage years were spent in Spain, where I learnt some Spanish. I can understand more than I can speak, but I can manage a decent conversation!



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